Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Myths

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Myths | Dr. Nikesh Seth, Scottsdale

Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy Myths

There is a lot of misinformation about amniotic stem cell therapies that Dr. Nikesh Seth is happy to address during an evaluation. One of the biggest myths is that amniotic stem cell therapy uses amniotic fluid from a recent birth—this isn’t true. One of the most common sources is from a person’s own fat tissue (and sometimes bone marrow). However, Integrated Pain Consultants uses a product featuring natural elements like growth factors and cytokines so there is no need for an invasive procedure in order to access the stem cell therapy.

If you’re told that the stem cells come from amniotic tissues featuring living cells, it’s either illegal or untrue. Find a qualified pain management clinic immediately.

Amniotic stem cell treatments that are specialized for pain management clinics, adipose stem cells, and bone marrow stem cells are the only types of amniotic stem cell therapies common (and legal) in the US. These sources have excellent concentration per volume, but they aren’t all created equally. For instance, fat-based stem cells aren’t helpful in treating issues in all areas of the body. They are, however, a great use for treating inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, such as many types of arthritis.

Recent research has also shown that stem cell therapy can help regenerate damaged tissue and can help with nervous system regulation. They should be used for systemic healing. Bone marrow stem cells are another option, though the process of procuring these stem cells is a little more invasive which is why it is not offered at Integrated Pain Consultants. In the majority of cases, stem cell therapies that don’t require an invasive procedure are preferred to ensure minimal side effects.

Although bone marrow stem cells are still preferred in some rare cases, they also come with limitations. There’s a higher degree of viral exposure, the procedure can sometimes be painful, there can be significant bruising post-treatment. Bone marrow stem cells are becoming less and less popular at many reputable pain clinics.

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Not all pain conditions are a good fit for amniotic stem cell therapy. However, it may help with joint pain, degenerative disc disease, carpal tunnel, sciatica, and peripheral neuropathy. Find out more when you schedule your evaluation with Integrated Pain Consultants by calling 480-626-2552.

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