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Winter Sports Injuries On The Rise

Nov 01, 2018
Winter Sports Injuries On The Rise
It’s winter sports season, and Dr. Nikesh Seth and his team are gearing up for a busy winter. Integrated Pain Consultants offers a wide range of alternative therapies for sports injuries including safe pain medication management, radiofrequency (RF)....

It’s winter sports season, and Dr. Nikesh Seth and his team are gearing up for a busy winter. Integrated Pain Consultants offers a wide range of alternative therapies for sports injuries including safe pain medication managementradiofrequency (RF) ablation, and more. Although Arizona and winter sports don’t initially sound like a good match, there are a number of indoor arenas and some fantastic ski resorts in the state.

Types of Sports Injuries That Cause Pain

Both skiing and snowboarding are ripe with opportunities for an injury. Ice hockey, figure skating, curling, and even snow-tubing also have plenty of chances for falls, bumps, bruises and more. If winter is your “on” season, be prepared to take care of yourself in case of an injury. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to dangerous medications and invasive surgeries.

Sports can be a leading cause of serious injuries including broken bones, slipped discs, and more. Winter sports can be especially dangerous since many of them are high-risk, such as snow sports and high-contact, such as hockey. However, sports injuries from repetitive motion can also lead to debilitating injuries. Both golf and tennis require fast, repeated motions that can slowly tear away at ligaments or lead to a sudden tear.

Tendons and ligaments can be difficult to heal on their own because of limited blood supply to the injury site. Broken bones, spinal injuries, and disc issues are also troublesome. For many years, addictive medications and risky surgeries were the only options to treat many of these issues. However, surgeries come with prolonged recovery times, and many common pain medications were never intended for chronic use.

It’s important to treat the root cause of the injury when possible and take advantage of the body’s natural healing properties. In situations where healing the injury isn’t possible, there are non-invasive alternatives that stop the pain signals from being delivered to the brain in a permanent or semi-permanent manner, such as RF therapy.

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